Made with natural ingredients. Enjoy over cream cheese with crackers, chicken, fish, ham, pork chops, and ice cream

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"I wanted to make jelly that would have made my grandmother proud" Corey Carolina, Founder Carolina Food Company, LLC

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Toasted Wine Fruit Spreads- Online Grocery Items  

Toasted Wine Fruit Spreads is a wine and fruit flavored fruit spread created by Corey Carolina. Corey's grandmother use to make homemade jelly and would try to teach him to make her recipe. Corey was young at the time and more interested in eating the jelly than making it.

Corey never had the chance to learn his grandmothers recipe so he decided a couple years ago to create his own recipe that would have made his grandmother proud. He created Toasted Wine Fruit Spreads. He wanted to use simple ingredients to create a high quality product. 

With the support of his wife, he decided to start marketing and selling his products. Toasted Wine Fruit Spreads are now sold at almost 60 store locations in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Louisiana. Our online grocery experience allow for grocery shopping at your fingertips. Toasted Wine Fruit Spreads are perfect items for your next party or event.

Corey spends most weekends sampling and selling Toasted Wine Fruit Spreads to new potential customers. The countless hours spent planning and executing takes time away from the family but Corey makes sure that he spends as much time showing how much he loves his wife and children as possible. They are his inspiration for working so hard to ensure that one day they will be financially secure.