Made with natural ingredients. Enjoy over cream cheese with crackers, chicken, fish, ham, pork chops, and ice cream

Toasted Wine Fruit Spreads

My grandmother was the inspiration for me starting my company. She used to make jelly and would try to get me to come into the kitchen to learn her recipes but at the time I was a teenager and more interested in eating rather than learning to cook. My grandmother passed away when I was in college. My biggest regret was that I did not learn to make jelly from her. A few years ago, I decided to create my own recipe that would have made my grandmother proud. I can only hope that she is looking down on me and that Toasted Wine Fruit Spreads would have met her taste approval. I think she would have loved it. 

My wife and our two children are the reasons that I work so hard to try to be a success. When I come home from traveling to shows selling Toasted Wine Fruit Spreads, they always embrace me with a smile. My love for them cannot be matched by words.

My wife is the rock that keeps everything going in our lives. Without her, I would not be able to grow our business as I have. I credit her with our success because she is the main reason I am able to go out and sell Toasted Wine Fruit Spreads made with red wine and other wines